Spring Wardrobe Essentials

So it’s finally Friday and that means it’s time for my first fashion post here on Se Mirer. I thought I’d start off with a bit of a classic post, given the timing is as good as it gets for this. Spring is officially here and Bryant Park is yet again filled with people sipping coffee lattes, hiding behind their sunglasses they can finally use again. The shops are filled with floral prints and black is no longer dominating every outfit on the streets. The spring is in the air and even though the cold breeze bites our skin from time to time, we still embrace the new season and dress accordingly. This also means we change our essetials up and get new everyday go-to’s. I’ve collected my new essentials in this blog. Things I have dug up or are currently searching the streets of New York to find the perfect version of.

1. Fishnet tights

I have waited for this day to come. The day where fishnet tights became fashionable again and not just something Jenny Humphry and Avril Lavigne could pull off. I absolutely love black fishnet tights, as they give a little bit of an old fashioned rock look to your outfit. Being a bit of a fan of Joan Jett and in general an admirer of the 70’s and 80’s rock culture, there couldn’t be a better thing to come back in fashion. Also, a perfect midway solution between bare and covered legs, giving a very small bit of warmth (yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s true) and still showing off your beautiful legs to the world.

The pair shown in the picture can be bought here.

2. Loose fit light jeans

Nothing says spring like a pair of loose fit pants, where you can feel warm air surrounding your legs, but the pants still cover your legs just enough to keep you warm enough to enjoy the “it’s-not-really-summer-yet-but-the-warmth-is-slowly-coming” weather. I recently bought a pair of super cute loose fit cropped pants from Zara. They are very Asia inspired, which I love. Being the kind of girl where half by clothes is black, it’s always a great to find something a bit more colorful and with prints on to spice up your wardrobe in the spring season.

The pants shown in the picture can be found here.

3. Turtle Neck T-Shirts

Now, this one is more a personal favorite. I generally love turtle necks, as many shirts quickly get a little too revealing for me or have an awkward neckline. This might be due to a bust a bit out of the average size, but in I think tight fitting turtle neck tops are generally a very flattering and decent look. I have purchased this beautiful turtle neck T-shirt from the Danish brand Envii and I absolutely love it. It goes well with especially loose pants, so that has really become one of my go-to pieces in my spring wardrobe.

T-Shirt shown in the picture can be found here.

4. High heeled leather sandals

I’m currently looking for a pair of these myself, as I haven’t gotten around to buy a pair yet. I’ve never been the biggest fan of heels, as I’m 5’11 (178 cm) tall, making me taller than most guys if I wear heels. However, I’ve lately gotten more and more comfortable with being tall and try to embrace it more. So I’m switching my otherwise favorite heeled boots out with a pair of sandals, matching the style for the summer season.

Shoes shown in the picture can be found here.

5. Big leather shopper

A leather shopper is a must-have regardless of season, but when the rain and snow stops, it just gets that much more handy than before, because suddenly you don’t have to be afraid your computer, phone or anything else in your bag gets wet. Right now I’m walking around with something as dull as a Victoria’s Secret black leather shopper I got for free because spent a certain amount of money in there. Not really the most inspiring or unique shopper to carry, but it works until I find the one I have pictured in my head and am searching all shops for currently.

The bag shown in the picture can be found here.

6. Sunglasses

My all time favorite sunglasses are my Celiné 41801 Havana in Turtle print. They are absolutely amazing and I love who they look on my kind of face shape, which is why I don’t mind sticking to an old model year after year. I have come to love the Dior So Real sunglasses in either matte black or the rose gold version too, but for now I’m sticking with my old best friend Celiné here.

The sunglasses are the Celiné 41801 Havana and can mostly be found second hand, as it’s an old model.

7. Chocker

This is again a fashion trend I’ve waited soo long for and finally, it’s not just the cast from Friends who can rock this look with style! Again, with the passion for old school rock’n’roll, having chokers back in fashion is one of the best recurring trends in a long time. I love the romantic age/renaissance and kind of gothic vampire look chokers carry with them. Pair them with a white t-shirt, white sneakers and a pair of levis 550 jeans, and you’ll have a perfect laid back and still chic look that’s still not entirely basic.

The choker shown in the picture can be found here.

8. Lace Tank Tops

If turtle neck tops get a little too conservative and decent for you, then a lace tank top is the perfect way to make an outside go from basic to sexy in 1 sec. I love and hate lace at the same time because it can go from classy to trashy so easily. I also look for none see-through lace or something very the see-through parts are very limited and placed appropriately. But if you manage to find a lace top that covers enough up to look classy, you will have a killer outfit in no time, regardless of what else you wear.

Tank top shown in the picture can be found here.

9. Leather Skirt

I love leather. I love leather bags, jackets, chokers, gloves, shoes, and skirts. I find it almost impossible to find a pair of leather pants that are actually at least close to somewhat comfortable to wear and that fits well. So my alternative ends up being a skirt instead in most cases. I recently bought a very cute faux leather skirt from Zara, which has now become one of my favorite pieces in my very limited “I’m living in New York for three months” wardrobe.

The faux leather skirt shown in the picture can be found here.


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